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The Church of Shrek welcomes you to our community.
Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life.

and Shrek said, "Let there be onions."; and it was good.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Excerpt from the Holy Book of Shrek

Community Activities

We encourage all to spread the joyous word of Shrek with posters, pamphlets, and other things.

We need YOU to design a pamphlet so that we may spread His Holy Word! Please submit a link to your Google Doc today!

Contact us
if you would like us to feature your website here!

About Us

All are welcome at our non-denominational house of worship, excluding Farquaads, Fairy God Mothers and Wreck-it Ralphs. We currently hold online services and midnight exclusive meetings only. Please contact us if you’re interested in attending services or meetings. Whether you're new to Far, Far Away or new to cult worship, we welcome you with open arms.


Our T-shirts can now be ordered here. FOLLOW US ON TUMBLR!

A message from High Priestess Angelica: Greetings, loyal brogres/ogirls. Thank you for visiting the Church Of Shrek’s official webpage. This is an official message from High Priestess Angelica, so Ordained by Shrek The Ogre Himself.

We are so very sorry to inform our following that we are unable to respond to any further e-mails regarding our Religious Practice. As accepting donations is discouraged by Shrek, we are incredibly short-staffed and short-supplied, and the e-mails have piled up past the point of ever being able to respond to them all. However, please feel free to keep sending them, as their multitudes are a symbol of our Divine Protection and Holiness; Shrek Be Praised.

Our latest website update was: 07/28/17

Beautiful pictures of our church.

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